Frequently asked questions

Is The Culture Catalyst a 501(c)3?

Yes! The Culture Catalyst is a 501(c)3 nonprofit registered with the IRS as The Jubilee Market International.

What will The Culture Catalyst do with my donation?

The Culture Catalyst is dedicated to responsible investment of donor funds. Your donation will help us find new and creative ways to partner people and programs, while investing in our programs that fight human trafficking through Project Free Style and Our House, and work to end poverty and support women and children with the Emerge Initiative, Business 4 Empowerment Trust,Thuthuzela, and Mohau.

What are The Culture Catalyst's giving standards?

The Culture Catalyst operates with a goal of alloting 80% of our budget toward our programs and 20% to operations, as suggested by Guidestar (

How does the Conservancy Safari help save the white and black rhino?

Your investment goes directly to the owners who ensure the care of rhino who are being protected from poaching! Funds are used specifically for the care and conservation efforts of the rhino, including food, medical care, security, and conservation organizations raising awareness about the efforts to protect rhino in the private sector.

How does the Adopt-A-Rhino program work?

Each adoption purchases one share of one rhino with 40 shares per rhino. Your adoption allows you to gain access to your rhino including special video of your rhino, access to health information, and everyday life visuals of your rhino through the Rhino Connect APP (available on Apple and Android). This access is ONLY AVAILABLE TO ADOPTERS, which means you’ll have very special access to YOUR rhino! People, families, and groups are welcome to collaboratively adopt more than one share of a rhino. (Forward. Together! Right?) In fact, you can adopt an entire rhino! For more information on group adoption email